Artist Statement


No art is accidental. It always has a quiet beginning and phases of growth and flowering inside the artist. And an art work continues to be an organic interface between the emotional world that created it and the emotional world of the audience. No art is full unless the two worlds interact creating a third plane of emotions that is dynamic. This dynamism is a manifestation of transitions. From reality to representation … Between different states of materialities and between object and space…The construct of a meaning is informed by the context coded by the artist and transformed by the emotional environment of the viewers. Viewers may see the theme of disintegration rather striking in my works. For me, disintegration is a monumental aspect of emotional evolution. It is never a qualitative comment on situation obtaining before or after the transition.

My works during a period were landscapes or rather my impressions of landscapes that caused ripples in my emotional pool. From landscapes I may have evolved into humanscapes – the layered images being semantic counterparts of the moments plucked out of my life.

Perhaps my works are best understood as a cultural construct with their own idioms formed by some universal values. Though I prefer to work with oil, I do experiment with mixed media, mainly using acrylic and oil to create different layers; using the fast drying effect of acrylic and exploring the unending possibility of oil pigments. Sometimes it is color pencils and soft pastels with contours of charcoal, I find very expressive to work in paper. I am also amused and enchanted by the power of virtual painting, using a stylus on a graphic tablet with Corel Painter X. And decades of my experience in computer graphics help me to explore the digital world, connecting technology and art.  By combining techniques I feel that I can extend the range of expressiveness -- a larger dialogue between my intention and the colors in the process.